About Wings

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF now simply Air Force) created Wings magazine in April 1943 to boost the morale of our airmen and airwomen committed to conflict, who by that time numbered 144,000.  In 1946, Wings was transferred to the RAAF Association (now re-titled the Air Force Association), whose numbers had grown markedly with demobilised RAAF personnel.

Over the following 74 years, Wings progressed through a number of changes in publishers, presentation and content.  Today’s Wings looks and feels very different to the first issue; the result of a new publisher accepting the challenge to re-invigorating the magazine and increase its appeal to a wider audience.  It is now a high-quality, coffee-table-style magazine with broad appeal to anyone with an interest in aviation.

RAAFANSW Publications Pty Ltd, trading as RAAFA Publications, produces Wings on behalf of the Air Force Association.  RAAFA Publications is a not-for-profit company fully owned by the NSW Division of the Air Force Association.

About Wings Magazine

Our Board

The RAAFA Publications Board comprises five members as follows:

Resumes for board members can be accessed here.

Our Publishing Team

Production Management.  Coordination of Wings is performed by the Wings Manager; Wing Commander (retd) Ron Haack, a former RAAF experimental test pilot and retired Qantas Pilot.
Editorial.  RAAFA Publications’ Chief Editor, Ms Sandy McPhie, is a broadly experienced professional who, over the past 30 years, has been editor of magazines for companies such as Bauer, Pacific Magazines and NRMA.  Sandy is supported by the following assistant editors:

Resumes for our Wing assistant editors can be accessed here.


Ms Katie Monin, BDES (Graphic Design); a graphic designer of 20 years’ experience.

Advertising Sales. 

RAAF Pubs has two advertising sales executives:

Our senior sales executive, Ms Sue Guymer, has over 35yrs experience across all aspects of printing & the print media industry.  A qualified printer, Sue owned an offset printing company, retiring when starting a family.  Sue works as a business marketing and advertising consultant, within the print media fields.  She has sat on many boards focused on local and regional tourism marketing & branding.

Phil Whiteman has 50 years employment within the Australian Defence Organisation, both in uniform (Air Force) and as a civilian.  Phil holds a GradCertBusiness from Newcastle University.  Key skills include photography, executive, project and contract management, corporate governance, business assurance, and personnel and financial management.  Phil is also a yoga instructor.

Our Owners

Air Force Association (AFA), also referred to as the RAAF Association (RAAFA), is a charitable not-for-profit organisation with Divisions in each state and territory of Australia.  RAAFA Publications is owned by the NSW Division.
The Air Force Association is committed and dedicated towards:


Ron Haack
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Sandy McPhie
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Phillip Speet
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Neil Smith
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Senior Advertising and Marketing Executive
Sue Guymer
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Advertising and Marketing Executive
Phil Whiteman
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